Services – English

* Preparation to buy/adopt a dog

Everything begins with choosing a dog. Many people like to choose according to looks (which one they find the cutest or most beautiful), some like pure breeds, others mixed breeds. But it’s much more important that the dog fits into the household based on his natural energy level compared to those living in the household. I’d be happy to meet you (and your family) and will support you in choosing the right dog for your lifestyle.

* One-to-One Session at home

The problem with „training“ is that unfortunately, it has nothing to do with everyday-life behavior and attitude. And the problem with training on a training field at the dog school ist often, that the dogs perform perfectly THERE, but once you leave, it’s over. Because one has nothing to do with the other – at least for your dog. Or the dog doesn’t exhibit the behaviors on the field, which give us headaches when we are at home, on the usual walk around the neighborhood etc. I always visit my clients at home (at least for the first session), because everything begins there. I prefer to see the dog’s environment for myself and start out there. This way I can also see if we can use the environment or anything in it to our advantage.

* One-to-One Session at other places unwanted behaviors occur

Like with sessions at home, there are other places where dogs show unwanted behaviors (e.g. in the office, in the car, at restaurants etc.). There also, I prefer to go to that specific place and work there.

*Rehabilitation in a balanced pack

This is very specific according to each individual. Please contact me so we can discuss these details.



How often do we see eachother?

There are no „book 10 sessions in advance“-type deals. Every dog and human is different. It is too personal to trivialize. We can’t claim that every dog and every owner need „exactly 10 sessions“ to implement everything we talk about and practice. I have clients that I visit once or twice, others every month, or every two weeks. How often I visit completely depends on the owners and their consistent practice and follow-through.

How long is a session?

The length of each session also depends on the owner. On average, the first session  (according to experience) take up about 2 hours, but I’ve had some that take only 45 minutes, others even 5 hours. I take the time that my clients need. Follow-up sessions usually take 1 to 1.5 hours.

How far do I drive?

I don’t only work in and around Munich. I will go anywhere my car will bring me, if the fee for the travel expenses is not a problem for you (I’ve visited clients in Swizerland and Austria as well).