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Dear Dog Owners,

with my help, you have the chance get to know and live Cesar Millan’s Philosophy, the Dog Whisperer from California, USA.

From day one, we often try to communicate with our dogs through our verbally spoken language, and even seem to expect answers – which we don’t get. Dogs, however, communicate with each other almost only through energy and body language, and react to their environment and according to past experiences. This is where misunderstandings arise. Instead of getting frustrated, have you ever asked yourself: „What is my dog actually trying to tell me through his behavior?“

You will learn what your dog is trying to tell you with his/her behavior, and what you can change, to stop the unwanted behavior. You will learn how you are influencing your dog’s environment, and therefore his/her behavior. YOU are the creator of your dog’s environment and experiences.

Since many of us „prefer“ to live hectic, stressful, anxious lives, which in turn affects our animals (especially the ones living close with us), we should learn how to lead more balanced lives again. Dogs mirror us every day.

I’m not a dog school – dogs do not learn any commands or tricks or are trained to do something specific. Dogs are born and are able to do everything. We just don’t know how to let them know what we want from them. That’s all…

I’m here to help you with any problems you have with your dog (all ages), prepare to buy/adopt a dog, or if you are scared of dogs.

I’m looking forward to our work together,


Florinda Bogner

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